The Apps/Sites I Use As A Blogger

Happy Tuesday! This week I decided to slow down a bit, after considering how stressed and anxious I had been for the last few weeks – which I discussed on my previous post. Initially I wanted to do a post about my birthday this year and get it on the blog today – the day after – but I had already started working on this post a few days ago and I didn’t want to rush myself to write a brand new piece and complete it today. A post about my 20th birthday will be up next week though.

So one of the things I also talked about on last weeks post (already linked) was that it is easy to feel like you have to do everything that you see “successful” bloggers do but that isn’t true – what works for others might not always work for you and for what you want. However, I do think that are MANY helpful posts for bloggers out there and a lot of times all you need is to adapt it to your own blog and what exactly you are trying to obtain. One of my favorite posts to read when I started this blog back in June were the ones that told me all about the apps/sites you can use as a blogger to help you out. From the ones that we use for promotion and interaction with readers and other bloggers, to the ones that are utilized to organize ideas and future updates. There are so many options out there but these are the ones I found to be easier and that made more sense to me and my own blog. Trust me when I tell you that I have installed and then deleted a bunch of apps from my phone after realizing they didn’t work for me.

I also want to say I use the free versions for all of these! Some of them have “better” versions that you can update to but that will cost you a certain amount of money. There are a couple of limitations with settling for the free versions, but nothing that bothers me at the moment.

The Basics

When you first start blogging you are always told to create the “normal” social media accounts to promote your work and to be out there. I do think, depending on what your blog is focused on, you don’t need to be as active as some people might say. Still, it is easy to create a bigger and, hopefully, more active audience by being on social media.

In my case, I use mostly Instagram and Twitter and I was able to connect with more people interested in blogging and on my own post through it (mostly twitter, but I am more active there so it makes sense).

DiClF_RUEAEPpnN.jpgNow, I’ll be honest. When I started out I read nothing but praises for Pinterest and what it can do for your blog. I just don’t feel like it works for me. There’s a chance it might be because I still don’t quite understand it completely and I do hear others always say Pinterest is where they get most of their readers from, but it just has not worked for me.


I absolutely love Canva! I have the app on my phone but I also use the website version. In case you are not familiar, this is an app that helps you create and edit images for almost any platform you might want. I use it to create the layouts and colleges of imagines for blog posts, as well as to create Instagram posts. You can also create images specifically for Instagram stories, Pinterest, Facebook, bookmarks and so many more.

This is the perfect app to use if you want to take your photos and edits for your blog posts to the next level. Here are some examples of the ones I made and used for my blog.

lhWhat I've Learned From Blogging This Summer


This one might seem a bit obvious, but when I first started I really thought I could go without having the app version on my phone, since I mostly use my computer for anything blog related. However, getting the app has helped me be a lot more active, respond to comments faster and also read other people’s posts – as well as comment there – while I’m laying in bed. I big part of getting the word out about your blog is to also interact with other people and to try to establish regular readers.

I also like to have this app on my phone because sometimes I’m just laying in bed or I’m on the bus and ideas for a blog post start running through my mind and I can just write them right away.


As an Android user I can tell that noteapps for our phones aren’t great but I found one that is good enough. I just use it when an idea comes to mind or to write down something that I have to work on.


There are many apps like Buffer that help you organize and schedule post for your social media accounts – such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook – but I went with this one. Basically, what Buffer does is let you schedule a post (including photos if you want) and it will post it when you want without you having to do anything. If you want to post 4 tweets a day promoting or recent blog post you can just use Buffer once, include the times you want it to be up and it will be done. It does help a lot if you are not able to be as active on social media as you’d like.

I don’t use it a lot because I do like posting things myself and being able to personally interact with my followers. I also, to be completely honest, find it annoying when you look at someones twitter feed and you can tell they actually barely log in and they just have posts – clearly pre-scheduled – to promote stuff.

Stock Photos

I’m aware a lot of bloggers do take their own photos and edit them themselves. I want to do that myself in the future! However, I know it’s hard blogging on a budget when you don’t have a good camera or even the one on your phone sucks. That’s what’s great about stock images. They are free and you can use them without fearing copyrights or any other issues – if you just use google images you are taking that risk! – so you can just take them. You can find some great photography as well.

I mostly use photos from Unsplash and Pexels since they have a big variety of pictures.

If you are just starting out this are great websites to use in order to make your blog posts more appealing.


Alright guys, I hope I could be helpful with this post. Please, share in the comments what other apps/sites you use to make your blogging experience easier!