My Problem With Job Interviews


As a 19-year-old who took a gap year after finishing high school last year, with the plan to get a job so I could go to college – because that thing is not cheap anywhere – I can now guaranty you that job interviews suck since I finished school in June of last year and I find myself now, a year later, still unemployed.

Now, to be fair, I spent the summer of 2017 just relaxing and not looking very much and from September to around November I was in one of the worst places I’ve ever been mentally so, although I looked, I probably was not looking hard enough. But since then I went to over a dozen of job interviews and I started to notice various patterns during each one of them, even when the jobs I was applying to were not that similar.

First I want to paint you the picture of what my resume looks like, because I believe that things might be different depending on the situation. I am 19 and I never worked before, in every single interview I went they always told me I was the only one applying that did not have any type of experience. I do understand that if they have someone who wants to work for them and that has the experience doing similar jobs they will probably hire that person, but it sucks because if people won’t give you your first job then you will never win any experience.

I also don’t drive, something that can go against me for some jobs. But I don’t have a driver’s licence because I don’t have the money for it…that is one reason why I need a job.

As you can probably imagine by now all this things limit the type of jobs I can apply to. I sent my resume to clothing stores, call centers, supermarkets, small coffee shops and some other jobs that usually don’t require much experience. Obviously a lot of them never called to schedule an interview and those who did, as I said, didn’t go so well. I actually did spend 3 days in one of the call centers with 12 other people, where they taught us what we were going to sell and all that, but they only kept 2 people from that big group. Both of them had worked for call centers before.

My biggest problem with job interviews is that a lot of times the questions they ask are not great or are hard to prove by just telling them. I just sit them and tell them all about how excited I am to have my first job and how, because I need the money, I will give 110% in everything they tell me to do. The problem, at least in my case, is that I have anxiety and that does not help during these interviews. I come of as really shy and cold – two things people always call me when I first meet them – which makes them not want to hire me. I get really nervous before going to all of these interviews and probably don’t give the best impression I could. That+no license+no experience really is not great.

Also I have to go on and on about how I love working with other people and how I love talking to the public, which is a lie as you might have guessed by now. There aren’t that many jobs, where I live, that don’t require you to be slightly social. As much as I like to think I’m a good actress, I’m sure people can tell that I’m much more than socially awkward.

Job interviews really aren’t pleasant for me, so hopefully I’ll be able to actually get a job in the future so I don’t have to experience them for a while.

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